VOSS-042 Studio VENUS It Was Morning, And The Train Was Packed, And I Saw My Favorite Housewife(I Knew Because Of Her Ring) Being Attacked By A Molester, But Instead Of Resisting, She Was Cumming And Enjoying It, She Was A Molester Loving Housewife! Once I Realized This I Decided To Become A Molester Too, And When I Fearfully Began To Touch Her, She Whispered Into My Ear, You’re Trembling… Are You Nervous?Miho Tono

VOSS-081 Studio VENUS I Had A Crush On This Hot Housewife Who I Would Always See On The Morning Commuter Train, And One Day I Saw Her Being Harassed By A Molester, But She Was OK With It, So She Was A Molester-Loving Wife! Once I Had This Information, I Decided To Embark On A Molester Mission Too, But When I Tried To Touch Her, She Whispered Into My Ear, You’re Shaking… Are You Nervous?My Only Skill Is Being Proper And Courteous, But Starting On This Day, I Became A Molester! 4